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The Unknown Interview : David Schillinglaw

David Schillinglaw is a London based artist equally adept in the studio or on the street. Be it producing large scale paintings or small hand crated books, his work always shares the same feeling of hand craft.

Having already worked with Agnes B, and next with Danny Boyle, we have to say we were hugely excited to welcome him to L\Inconnu. Taking part in the Crossing Borders exhibition organised by MSA Gallery, he has already contributed two fine pieces to our neighbour's wall (!), and our blackboard, as well as a rather more drunken addition to our mirror!

David's works will be on show until Thursday, so stop by, have a coffee and take in his wonderful canvases.

Here David kindly answers a few questions for us...

What is "the unknown" to you?

David : To be discovered.

An artist unknown who shouldn't be?

David : Most adults. All children.

Your favourite encounter with a stranger?

David : A few months ago someone gave me a cat. He is now my best friend.

What will you be doing at L\Inconnu?

David : Getting to know the unknown. Dancing with the devil. Selling pieces of my soul.

Check out more of his work at