February 27, 2024

5 Great Ideas for His Next Birthday

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If the man in your life will soon be celebrating his birthday and you are literally tearing your hair out wondering what you can buy him, this blog is written with you in mind. Here is our top 5 selection of birthday gifts that he will love!

  1. Craft Beer – Mixed Selection Case – There isn’t a man alive that doesn’t appreciate a cold pilsner or pale ale and if the man in your life has yet to discover craft beer, this is the perfect gift. Search with Google to find a local microbrewery and order a mixed pack and have it delivered to your work address. Sneak it into the cooler a few hours before you spring the surprise and watch his face as he takes a mouthful of premier craft beer.
  2. Bluetooth Speaker – If he’s a music lover, a rugged and powerful Bluetooth speaker that he can stick on the wall while he’s working on the car. It connects to a smartphone and you can play all your favourite tunes wherever you happen to be; great for fishing, camping and working in his man cave.
  3. Auto Accessories – Be careful with this one; most guys are very particular about what they add to their wheels and as you know him so well, it won’t be difficult to discover what’s on his wish-list. If you know the brand of wax he likes, you could get him car cleaning products, or perhaps some alloy rim cleaning solution and tyre wall paint. If you know he’s after something a little pricey like a power amp or set of coaxial speakers, the online supplier has free finance to spread the payments over a few months and make sure you get the right brand.
  4. An Experience – If he’s a guy that seems to have everything, book him a day at the racetrack, where he can drive a Ferrari or Lambo, or you could book him in for an introductory flying lesson at the local airfield. There are online experience gift providers with a list as long as your arm and when you give an experience, it remains etched in their memory forever.
  5. Tablet Platform – Most men love to use their iPad and you can get amazing hi-tech tablet platforms that hold all brands of devices and can be set at any angle. He can watch a movie on the couch or search for info while working on his car.

The above are just a few ideas and knowing him as you do, there’s no one better to choose the perfect gift for the man in your life.

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