December 9, 2023

Beer That is Popular in Germany of Different Varieties

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People of Germany are very fond of beer. In every occasion or festival, beers are one of the important drinks that is served and people love to drink it. You can find number of beers that are named after the city where they are made.

During the October festival, which is an occasion when people prefer to drink German style beer in order to celebrate this festival.

Following are few well-known beers that are quite popular in the Germany.

  • Altbier

This type of beer has color of copper metal, medium bodied and cool fermented. You will certainly like to drink this beer along with cheese and pretzel.

  • Berliner Weisse

The name has come because of city of Berlin which is very much liked by people of this city, which is a refreshing beer which has low amount of alcohol.

  • Bockbier

This beer is dark in color which is normally consumed during spring, but it is also perfect during fall as well as winter season. You may find it little heavy and malty, but yet very drinkable and smooth beer.

  • Doppelbock

This is another bock-style beer which can be considered as a heavier version of another brand known as Bavarian bock. Doppelbock is normally used for celebration and comes from Ayinger.

  • Dunkel

Dunkel is basically mild and dark lager beer, which is gently hopped and malt forward beer. It is perfectly drinkable and suitable for fall romp in beer garden.

  • Hefeweizen

This is also known as Weissbier, but it is an un-filtered beer which is easy-to-drink. People generally prefer to drink during summer but it is also offered during October festival.

  • Helles

Helles is another drinkable beer which is straw-colored and perfect entryway into the German beer mostly preferred by beginner. Those who prefer light beer will like this beer and will be great if coupled with iced tea.

  • Kölsch

This beer is named after a city Köln or Cologne which is also known as cousin of Altbier. It has got a fruity flavor and liked during summers.

  • Märzen

This is another popular beer which is consumed in large quantity during October festival.

  • Pils or Pilsner

This is one most common variety of beer which is consumed by most people in the Germany. If you have ever visited Germany then you can never miss it.

  • Schwarzbier

This is a black colored beer which can often fool people because of its dark color. It is rich and mild, having subdued, malty character.

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