February 27, 2024

Buy Michelada Mix in 6 Packs For Your Michelada Party Bar

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Hosting a party usually involves having guests to entertain in your home. Entertaining them includes setting up a bar area for them. You can create the party cocktail space in the kitchen, main living area, or dining room where splashes or spills won’t cause problems. By offering a help-yourself setup, your guests can make their own simple drinks. Thus, you need to have cocktail ingredients like garnishes, ice, stir stick, glassware, and napkin ready to go in one place.

If you are building a cocktail bar and want a twist to the usual type, think about making a Michelada bar. If you choose this route, you will need to buy michelada mix in 6 packs or 12 packs online to be set up along with the beer, spices, and lemon or lime slices on the cocktail bar. Inform your guests of what is being served on the cocktail table with a fun sign.

Bringing the Michelada to your Party

A bold beverage that complements the event’s celebratory mood can easily get your party going. Setting up a Michelada bar is an affordable way to entertain. Using chelada cups to make the best Michelada simplifies the mixing of adult party cocktails. If you are having a casual party, put the cups on an inside table, deck, or patio. You can choose the color of the cups based on your party theme. Michelada cups provide a no-mess way to provide a cup with spice mixes included. All you have to offer with the cup is beer, stir sticks, and limes. Also, you can set up a Michelada bar more formally with a bottle of liquid mix, beers, and glasses.

Helpful Ideas

If you have decided to set up a Michelada bar, allow your guests to mix a Michelada themselves by adding a beer to a few ounces of the mix. Just ensure to use glasses that can hold the size of Michelada your guests will make. If you prefer to use bottles, make sure there is an opener ready. Also, your guests could pour beer form a glass pitcher. Remember to stash ice on a bucket. On a colorful card, write short instructions on how to mix a Michelada and make it visible at the bar area. Don’t forget to offer beer salts so your guests can rim their glasses or pre-dress. Consider rimming the glass with a lime wedge and coating with salt from a shallow dish.

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