December 9, 2023

Free Covers from BBQs 2u on Purchase of Kamadospace and Ooni Koda 16 Oven

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According to a survey approximately 95% of the UK population likes barbecue cuisine. This has led to a significant increase in demand for barbecue grills, mostly during COVID-19. This can be linked to the growing popularity of grilled foods and the benefits that come with them, such as smoky flavour, portability, and improved nutrition.

BBQs 2u has seen an immense increase in the demands of Kamado Joe barbecue grills. To their surprise, the UK was also crazy for pizzas and ordered Ooni pizza ovens for their backyard cooking. The increase in demand for outdoor cooking during the lockdown period has brought a hike in the sales of the outdoor cooking industry.

One of the team members from the BBQs 2u said:

“We’re blown away by the way things have turned out. When the pandemic first started, there was a lot of fear, as orders for our product stopped completely. However, as we approached spring last year, everyone understood that they will have to spend more time indoors so they simply lit up the entire outdoor cooking industry, including barbecue grills, pizza ovens, etc. We generally keep limited stock in our warehouse, but after the increasing demand of backyard cooking, we rushed to overstock our warehouse.”

BBQs 2u is known for its passion for barbecue. Every month they launch new contests. Their social media accounts are always updated with the latest news about upcoming barbecue products. Recently, they announced a free Kamado Joe cover with Kamadospace Table.

The thick ceramic Kamado Joe UK grill is an all-time favourite of barbecue fans. Its heavy ceramic construction is popular for being fuel-efficient. With various models in the market, it is easy for customers to choose from. Customers can buy a huge Kamado Big Joe for their backyard family feats or they can go for Kamado Joe Kettle for their patio.

Another surprise for customers was the free Ooni Koda 16 cover with Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven. BBQs 2u decided to give out this free cover to all their customers who would order the Koda 16 pizza oven. The offer is valid till the stock lasts. The Koda 16 oven is known for its wide opening, stone baking and flame-cooked pizzas, vegetables, meat steaks and fish.

Last month the company was all set with the ThankQue contest. This month they have started a contest with Smoke Sear and The Village Butchers. The company is all set to give away Kamado Joe Kettle Joe worth £725 to the winner along with a £150 met hamper from the Village Butcher. The contestant has to follow certain rules to get the winning award. To know more about the contest you can check their Instagram account and follow them.

The rising popularity of grilled food has increased the growth of BBQ all over the world. There may have been a significant decline in meat consumption over the past few years, but the sales of barbecue grills are not hampered at all. The increasing availability of barbecue accessories in retail stores, supermarkets and online is also benefiting in the sales increase of barbecue grills.

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