February 27, 2024

Information On Exklusiv Gin From Mallorca

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Mallorca has not only some very exclusive wines but also Exklusiv Gin that is also famous worldwide. The most famous is the Palma Gin. It comes from the beautiful island of Mollorca and has given us this gin which is made very delicately with a very famous design.

It is distilled with some locally processed wild flowers and also some fresh citrus from the rural orchards of the island. It tastes like a fresh, dry citrus filled gin and has a very smooth surface. The gin has a lot of flavors like vanilla, cinnamon and cloves and is usually stored in oak barrels along with some aged wine with the local grapes that are found there like Negro and Manto.

Palma Gin is as mentioned distilled with many wild flowers and citrus fruits which are collected altogether from a lot of rural orchards in Mallorca and the result is usually a very fresh and dry gin with citrus aroma, thus giving an Exklusiv Gin.

The exclusive taste is because of the Mallorcan junipers that also hold the feel of the Mediterranean. The flowers of the almond trees which are usually harvested only once a year before the beginning of spring, along with some lavender and orange leaves that create a sweet and floral scent.

This way all the main ingredients increase the intensity of the flavors of the natural extracts. This is why the gin has become so famous and is also a preference of many because of its taste and aroma.

What Is The History Of This Gin?

The founder Byron Holland wanted to create a very premium Gin that would get recognition in the Gin connoisseurs in broad circles. It is again produced in Mallorca and has a very clear taste as well as appearance from Mediterranean island. For this wish for Exklusiv Gin, Byron contacted a consulting company for support as well as clear strategy. Then the project followed a very intense period of planning for the distillery along with the location, layout, size as well as condition.

For this Exklusiv Gin, plans were formed for the specification, purchase and installation of the distillery parts. There was also a need for a great recipe for Gin which promoted and was based on the local ingredients and the organic production. Now, alcohol comes from Ven as it is a requirement from Mallorca distillery which requires its raw material to be of highest quality.

Even the design of the bottle is handled with a lot of care and is inspired by the tile or design company HUGUET in Mallorca. It has been painted as well as printed with organic colors. There are websites that can provide you with this Exklusiv Gin. It is thus a great gin with a great history and a lot of effort and plan. Thus, the results are sure to be one that would be liked by all and that has been seen ever since the production of this gin.

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