December 9, 2023

Online Recipes – Much Better Than Cook book Recipes? – Helpful Information From the Search

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Online recipes have surpassed the web and knowledge technology world by storm. On the recent Search (March. 1, 2009), I received 68,000,000 hits around the phrase, “online recipes”. I visited a large number of these websites and developed the following results and conclusions.

I discovered mostly recipe websites where people will find and exchange recipes, publish blogs and enter contests and sweepstakes. Incidents where offer photo contests backed by brand name food companies. Some sites contain chef biographies. Many sites house only certain kinds of recipes. I discovered worldwide, holiday, soul food, heart healthy, youth club and family recipe sites. Some sites publish recipes just for internet users with specific nutritional limitations.

You will find software applications recipe websites that supply webmasters (who publish recipe files by themselves sites), with tools, in return for credit to them on their own sites. Cook book software companies sell recipe and cooking related software to the web world.

To reply to the issue on whether I believe online recipes are superior to cook book recipes, I would need to agree they’re! Recipes obtained online and much more particularly in e-books (aimed toward a particular cuisine or special grouping of recipes) are often updated periodically or replaced in data bases. For instance, if your recipe has existed for several years as well as an component for the reason that recipe becomes outdated, it might be stopped and re-written using the updated component.

A good example of this is using the term “drippings” in decades old recipes. Recipes written today would demand essential olive oil or margarine instead of drippings (or no type of fat flavoring, because of many fat restricted diets today). Another appealing factor of internet recipes is being able to view them (in the kitchen area) immediately. There aren’t any bulky cookbooks to obstruct!

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