December 9, 2023

Sell More Drinks inside your Bar by Pairing Drinks With Food

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Beverage pairing is not a brand new concept, but you would be surprised at the number of bar operators don’t include pairing in their menu or standard order taking procedure. Learn to pair then sell more beverages to customers.

How you can Pair

To start with to pairing beverages with food products you can look to your distributors. Question them to have a look at the menu and suggest which products would best pair using what you presently offer.

In case your distributors aren’t much help, you are able to decipher it yourself with a few learning from mistakes. As rough guide, match lighter foods with lighter beverages, and heavier, more potent foods with bigger, more full-bodied drinks. Drinks like wine and beer may either compliment or contrast using the paired dishes – but because of the strong flavors on most spirits, cocktails must always compliment rather contrast.

When you should Suggest

Start suggesting drink and food pairings before your clients order by putting pairings in your menu as well as your specials board. It’s also wise to enlist your employees to point out drink pairings when customers order. According to exactly what a customer orders – from appetizers to desserts – your servers and bartenders must have a fast listing of beverage suggestions which will compliment the client’s choice.

Set a Cost for that Pair

A different way to maximize food and beverage pairings is to possess a set cost for any food and beverage combination. For instance, the teryaki duck wings are $12 by themselves along with a glass of Columbia Crest Horse Paradise Hillsides Chardonnay is $7 by itself, but when a person orders both together, the cost is $16. This can help customers add-on a beverage or perhaps a food since it appears just like a great value.

Make sure to set the mixture cost as something which appears like an offer towards the customer but continues to be lucrative for you personally.

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