February 27, 2024

Do You Want to Obtain License for County Liquor Palm Beach? Steps to be Followed

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If you are keen to obtain Liquor License then reading this piece of writing can be useful. You will get resources that you can use for learning about all aspects of obtaining your liquor license.

In case, you are interested to get Palm Beach county liquor license or wish to speak to experts then reading this will be useful for you.

What is your first step?

Even before you consider any liquor license in the Palm Beach County then you will need proper zoning approval that will be given by local municipal body.

Unfortunately, with any Government related processes, they are very tedious and also time consuming. Based on where exactly in Palm Beach, your premises is located the timeframe for approval may be anywhere between 3 – 5 months.

What kind of liquor license do you need?

To get answer of this question first you must ask yourself 2 additional questions:

  • Do I sell wine and beer or do I sell only beer, wine and with spirits?
  • Do I have to operate as restaurant/bar or simply as liquor store?

Lastly, if you decided to operate as restaurant then you may ask:

“Do I really meet necessary qualifications for SRX license?”

Do I have to buy Liquor License?

All licenses available in Palm Beach need to be bought because only few licenses are controlled under the “Quota System”. Only licenses that you must buy are 4COP and 3PS liquor license. Rest all other licenses are obtained directly through the state.

For obtaining liquor license which is issued by the state directly, it is necessary that you obtain help to secure your license. There are few companies who have necessary expertise in dealing with the government agency can provide such help.

I want to buy license, then what?

In order to buy license, you need to contact a broker, who will connect buyers like you with sellers and these brokers constantly have certain license for Palm Beach County which is available for sale. Buying of liquor license will work as follows.

  • Firstly, you and also the seller will make a binding contract and agree set the terms of purchase.

  • LiquorLicense.com will then use closing agent for handling transaction portion of your process. Closing agent will work similarly to escrow company who protect both sellers and the buyers during transaction to ensure that license for Palm Beach liquor is clean and also transferable.
  • Lastly, closing agent will then close on sale and you may get the sale bill for your new license.

After I have bill of sale then what should I do?

You have now bill of sale that you will need for applying for the license. You will prefer to apply through district office which is closest to the Palm Beach County. After applying you will request for temporary license to be issued immediately after filing your application.

This temporary license will allow you to operate like a permanent license holder, until permanent license is obtained. This process generally needs about 90 days for processing liquor license application.

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