December 9, 2023

Best Vietnamese catering services

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Genuinely taste bud-stimulating Vietnamese food is being more and more accepted and appreciated as one of the healthiest foods across the world.  Vietnamese cuisine is cooked using only fresh ingredients like fresh spices, vegetables, freshwater fish, and other seafood like crabs, prawns, and a wide choice of shrimp, chicken, beef, or tofu.

Use of more fresh vegetables, fewer spices, meat, and low amounts of fats or oils are the characteristic features of Vietnamese cuisine that include those in the category of healthy diets.

Most restaurants that serve Vietnamese food have provisions for offering customized food as per customers’ choice especially in a private or corporate event or office catering.

Vietnamese dishes one must try

Although there are many Vietnamese dishes that can fill your mouth with water simply by thinking or viewing those. Most of the restaurants serve few common Vietnamese dishes but cook in accordance with their rich native tradition while maintaining its richness and food value.

When you go for Vietnamese food, you must try:

Pho – that comes with rice noodles and slices of round steak, flank of meat/beef balls, and shrimp that are served with a lot of green salad, bean sprouts, and a wedge of lime as well as nuoc cham (fermented fish) or chili sauce.

Banh Mi – is a toasted Vietnamese baguette stuffed with roasted pork belly, grilled pork, fried fish with turmeric, fried eggs, sausages, ham or poached chicken and is served with butter, pate, soy sauce with chilies, and hot peppers

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese fresh spring rolls) – easily the most loved Vietnamese food which consists of thin vermicelli noodles, pork slices, shrimp with a lot of greens like basil and lettuce. These are tightly wrapped in translucent rice papers and are usually dipped into ground chilies and dipping sauce with crushed peanuts.

Mi Quang –   a dish made with turmeric-rich, yellow-colored rice noodles mixed with fish sauce, shallot, garlic, and black pepper in ingredients like shrimps, boiled quail eggs, and roasted pork. This is served with plenty of herbs like fresh coriander, lettuce, basil peanuts, and sesame rice crackers.

Cha ca – known as Turmeric fish dish perhaps most loved fish sauteed in butter along with spring onion and dill and is served hot with rice noodles and peanuts dipping sauces.

In addition, you must try grilled fish, Vietnamese fresh rolls with shrimps as well as most natural tasting Vietnamese coffee that is brewed in drip-style like filter coffee usually served cold with stirred condensed milk and ice cubes or finely crushed ice to give you an awesome natural taste of coffee.

Vietnamese food catering

Keeping in view the popularity, taste, and nutrition value of Vietnamese food, apart from restaurants, it is widely served in private or corporate offices as breakfast, lunch, or dinner through catering services provided by renowned restaurants like Hanoi Hannah.

When you wish to impress your guests, you must see for Vietnamese catering services and choose the best Vietnamese restaurant like Hanoi Hannah for providing the most efficient catering services at the most reasonable charges on a regular, temporary or permanent basis for your private or corporate events as well as social events like birthdays and weddings

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